I’ve known Gary Bainbridge of Poacher Baits fame for something like 30 years now, just one of the many acquaintances that I made on the banks of Dartford lakes whilst plotting the downfall of its famous old carp, and in mine and Gary’s case, the conversation in all probability blossomed due to our mutual interest in carp baits and the ingredients used in order to formulate them.

In more recent years when Gary started the Poacher Baits Company I had a lot of dealings with him due to the fact that I supplied readymade boilies for use at the Les Quis complex in France.

All I can say is that Gary was of immense help in formulating and making the very successful French Blend boilies, they were always perfectly rolled, of perfect consistency, and what’s more, always turned up on time on a Friday in readiness for the next set of anglers Les Quis holiday.

In short, Gary has been in the carp bait industry for a number of years now, and it’s fair to say he has learnt a lot about carp bait formulation in that time and what it takes to consistently catch carp as well as baits that they will gain nutritional benefits from in order to look after their wellbeing.

Lee Jackson

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