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Rigs of Confidence - By Vince Cripps

The 2 rigs I start off with almost everywhere are the hugely successful Chod and Snowman rigs.

For the snowman rig I love to use a one ounce lead , keep it light with a good 10 to 12 inch Jel-E-Wyre hooklink. The simple knotless knot at the hook end does the job perfectly for me, so why complicate it further?

I like to use a 14 mm bottom bait with a 12 mm pop up on or 16 mm bottom bait with a 14 mm pop up ensuring the snowman sits buoyant and sinks slowly on casting, this helps it to sit proud of any rubbish on the bottom and helps me improve the presentation.

One of the most common questions is which bait colours I like for the toppers, and after years and years of testing 2 colours have stood out above the rest, and they are yellow and white, I can't 100% tell you why, but in different light conditions these 2 colours seem to come into their own.

I won't go into a huge amount of detail on the Chod fishing as there probably isn't too much I can add, but a little bait tip I have found is using a light coloured hook bait over dark loose feed, for example a 16 mm PRB over our new test bait was a hugely effective method for me and fish seem to home in on the different colour hook bait with sometimes immediate catches.