Meet our Team

Get to know the anglers and testers that make Poacher Baits what we are.

Gary Bainbridge
Owner of Poacher Baits

I have been fishing from the age of about 7, fishing the river Darenth between Otford and Dartford in Kent catching everything from stone loach and millers thumbs by hand to Gudgeon, Dace, Roach, Chub, and Pike as I moved on to using a Rod.
Eventually I moved on to the local lakes catching Bream, Tench and Carp which really lit my fuse, especially in bait.
Very long story short; I always had an interest in bait and after lots of success for me and my friends I finally put into motion Poacher Baits back in 1996, now here we are today almost 20 years on and stronger than ever.

Joss Faulkner

I have been fishing for over 35 years. Based in Northamptonshire and a Board Member of the Predation Action Group, I have concentrated my angling within the Nene Valley and my own Estate Lake.
Having used varying types of bait, I personally prefer a food source from a trusted supplier and for the past 14 yrs I have found 100% confidence with the products that Poacher Baits manufacture.
In the 14 years with Poacher Baits I have had too many wonderful captures to talk about them all, but with over 130 x 30’s, 37 x 40’s, 11 x 50’s, 1x 68, 2x 70’s and an 84lb my results using Gary’s bait really speak for themselves.
I adapt my rigs and baiting situations to suit feeding habits and times of the year, but one thing I've not changed in 14 yrs is the bait supplier I've used!
Trust in ingredients is key to my confidence, with a background within the food industry I know full well the ingredients within the baits are as good as it gets along with the quality of the rolling to finish the end product.

  • Joss Faulkner
Gavin Bainbridge

I am the poachers son ! Ever since I could hold a rod in my hand I have used our products. Going from venue to venue as a youngster I never seemed to fail to catch on any bait that was given to me!
As I grew as an angler and my understanding of carp developed, I soon realised that bait presentation and a good food source is key ! Using my favoured rigs I.E the multi rig/stiff hinge rig I have managed to bag myself a few decent carp during the years from a few different situations !
I will always have a bag of Tiger Nut & Maple with me where ever I may travel, whether it be a quiet stretch of unfished river, or a heavily fished day ticket! The results have always spoken for themselves in my eyes the rest is up to you !

Sam Jefferys

Having used numerous baits over the years, I became conscious that alot of the hype surrounding certain leading baits, was infact the wonderful illusion of strong marketing, and once taking a closer look, these baits/quality wise, would differ hugely from firm to firm...........
I was put onto Poacher baits by several anglers whom I respect greatly, these guys quietly go about their fishing using a bait thats done them proud, impressive results without the shouting from the roof tops along the way..
I'm meticulous about the bait I use as my time these days is limited, everything has to be bang on. The nature of the tricky untapped waters I tend fish in London means squeezing in quick, in and out, overnighters, and baiting by dark. Confidence on these waters is essential..
Since joining Poacher Baits I have taken the baits to a number of venues, from low stock urban waters to inland seas on the continent, all with great success.
Be lucky all

Chris Mirrlees

Hi my names Chris Mirrlees, I'm 24 years old and have been fishing since I could hold a rod. As a youngster I was fascinated by all species of fish in the lake. At the age of 10 I landed my first double figure carp, what a buzz that was. From that moment I was hooked! (Excuse the pun) jumping forward a few years at the age of 13 I was published in the carp magazine 'international carper' for having caught a 45lb carp from France. I have been using poacher baits for as long as I can remember but over the last 4/5 years as I've developed as an angler and having my trusted T&M in my armoury I have seen my captures triple. I have complete confidence using any one of the poacher range having taken it to every water I have fished and have never failed to bank a carp. Yes it really is that good. Combined with my favourite rig I have caught hundreds of carp from my local waters, day ticket waters and even abroad it has shown it's quality.
Favourite rig - Blowback rig/ chod
Favourite bait - hHas to be the Tigernut and maple.