Fruit Frenzy Pop Up's

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Our Fruit Frenzy pop ups have been developed with a great deal of thought and the finished product is a pop up that we feel can be fished effectively as a single hookbait or alongside freebies.

Our Fruit Frenzy pop ups contain the same great additives as our boilies but we also use an extremely concentrated sweet additive in these pop ups too. We feel as though we have perfected the balance between getting the concentration of additives to the highest level possible without impacting on the buoyancy of the pop up.

Due to the extremely buoyant nature of our Pop Ups they are perfectly suited for use on a Hinged Stiff rig, a Ronnie rig or a chod rig and although spongy in texture (this helps with leakage), they are tough which we feel is essential where bird life and nuisance fish can be a problem.

WARNING: All products may contain traces of nuts. Not for human consumption.

Type: Pop Up's

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