SV1 Hard Hookers

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Our SV1 hard hookers are exactly what they say on the tin.  They are designed specifically to give you confidence if you plan on leaving your bait out for long periods of time or if your chosen venue has crayfish, nuisance fish or diving birds.

Our Hard Hookers offer just that bit more resilience than an air-dried boilie as we add egg albumen in the production process to harden the outer skin whilst the inner core remains soft enough to be pierced with a baiting needle.

As well as containing all the same high-quality ingredients & attractors that you find in our boilie range these Hard Hookers are given a generous glugging in our extremely potent, nearly neat flavouring before leaving us and making their way to you. This is to maximise the length of time they continue to leak those all-important food signals into the surrounding water columns.

WARNING: All products may contain traces of nuts. Not for human consumption.

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